Friday, August 13, 2010

From Monday til now

 Monday : I had a glass of water with aloe vera concentrate, cup of herbal tea concentrate, and a vanilla shake for breakfast. Then for lunch again the same meal as breakfast. Then for dinner I ate chicken shredded tacos and salad.

Tuesday: The combo meal as above. Lunch the same. Then for dinner ground beef with green beans and a little bit of refried beans ...small portions.

Wednesday : shake combo brakfast, combo for lunch ...and homemade hambuger with little mayo, ketchup, and mustard. handful of chips.

Thursday: today shake combo breakfast and lunch ...had a banana and another hamburger homemade.

I feel good so far. if i feel like cheating i drink more water fills me up and you can always have salad and maybe like a rice cake or two plain ..something non fattening.

Leave comments suggestions or questions if you like ..thanks ! I am here to support you we can go through this diet together !

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