Sunday, August 8, 2010


Here are some photos of me now so you can see I am in the same boat as you ! I am using the products as we speak and will be loosing fast ! So tune into my site every weekend to check my progress. We can so this together.

side view and looks like I'm about 3 months pregnant !!!!  ha ha it has been two years  since my last baby and have not lost the weight ...shame on me ...I was just lazy. So I'm starting the diet ...Today is August 8 2010 at 4 am ...I will have my first meal in the morning about 11 am.

Frontal view ...I have nasty love handles and belly. I really want to loose them about 45 pounds I need to loose.

Leave me comments so I now you are looking thanks Much appreciated !!!

I will post more of my progress and what my agenda was later tonight !

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