Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is the "combo meal"

This is the meal that I take in the mornings and lunch with a salad or something low fat. my meal may not look appealing you can add fruit to your shake. I don't have a blender yet but ill make a more appealing one. LOL But appealing or not if you want to loose weight you will have the determination to take your meals and start loosing ..its very little sacrifice to the benefits you will have once you start taking this meal ..the same day you will feel a difference and start to tell in as little as maybe a week !! Everyone is different so do NOT get discouraged ...I am here for YOU !

You will drink an aloe vera drink first's really tasty to me ....then I drink my shake in the big bottle ..then I drink the tea hot ...if not hot cold is ok too but better results when hot ...(warm anyway) ..then I have Vanilla shake with water ...( with non fat milk it tastes best but for better results just with water). .... so there you have it ...thanks for looking and tracking my progress ...if you are not convinced still then you will when I loose weight ... I will tell you my measurements and weigh myself in the next post I need to buy a scale but I FEEL younger and great energy when I have 4 KIDS to take care of and the house and a full time job besides this one ...with HERBALIFE I wouldn't want to sell it if it didn't work !

Leave a comment and tell me when YOU want to start loosing weight like me !
More pics to come . ...

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