Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorry I have been out of touch

Well I am glad if you are a follower thanks you and if not start following !! LOL I am back and going strong again ..I have been a little ill because my children are in school nd I have 4 of them it took me a bit to get back on track and thank you for your patience ! ...I do want you to know that in the little time that I was doing the dietary nutritional program I have lost 4 pounds ...feels great so far ..I will send you a picture soon so you can see if you can see a difference yet but I don't think so you will yet... my goal is to loose about 40 lbs so when I do I want you to know that I am with you in loosing weight. 

So please follow ...leave comments of encouragement and if you are interested and start living life ! We can do it together !!!

Thank you !

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This week so far ...

I have been drinking my shakes and tea nad water ... also cutting back on carbs...

I will post a photo tomorrow for I have to take more of myself ..thanks for looking and leave a comment ..scroll down for more posts and click on "older posts"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is the "combo meal"

This is the meal that I take in the mornings and lunch with a salad or something low fat. my meal may not look appealing you can add fruit to your shake. I don't have a blender yet but ill make a more appealing one. LOL But appealing or not if you want to loose weight you will have the determination to take your meals and start loosing ..its very little sacrifice to the benefits you will have once you start taking this meal ..the same day you will feel a difference and start to tell in as little as maybe a week !! Everyone is different so do NOT get discouraged ...I am here for YOU !

You will drink an aloe vera drink first's really tasty to me ....then I drink my shake in the big bottle ..then I drink the tea hot ...if not hot cold is ok too but better results when hot ...(warm anyway) ..then I have Vanilla shake with water ...( with non fat milk it tastes best but for better results just with water). .... so there you have it ...thanks for looking and tracking my progress ...if you are not convinced still then you will when I loose weight ... I will tell you my measurements and weigh myself in the next post I need to buy a scale but I FEEL younger and great energy when I have 4 KIDS to take care of and the house and a full time job besides this one ...with HERBALIFE I wouldn't want to sell it if it didn't work !

Leave a comment and tell me when YOU want to start loosing weight like me !
More pics to come . ...

Friday, August 13, 2010

From Monday til now

 Monday : I had a glass of water with aloe vera concentrate, cup of herbal tea concentrate, and a vanilla shake for breakfast. Then for lunch again the same meal as breakfast. Then for dinner I ate chicken shredded tacos and salad.

Tuesday: The combo meal as above. Lunch the same. Then for dinner ground beef with green beans and a little bit of refried beans ...small portions.

Wednesday : shake combo brakfast, combo for lunch ...and homemade hambuger with little mayo, ketchup, and mustard. handful of chips.

Thursday: today shake combo breakfast and lunch ...had a banana and another hamburger homemade.

I feel good so far. if i feel like cheating i drink more water fills me up and you can always have salad and maybe like a rice cake or two plain ..something non fattening.

Leave comments suggestions or questions if you like ..thanks ! I am here to support you we can go through this diet together !

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Here are some photos of me now so you can see I am in the same boat as you ! I am using the products as we speak and will be loosing fast ! So tune into my site every weekend to check my progress. We can so this together.

side view and looks like I'm about 3 months pregnant !!!!  ha ha it has been two years  since my last baby and have not lost the weight ...shame on me ...I was just lazy. So I'm starting the diet ...Today is August 8 2010 at 4 am ...I will have my first meal in the morning about 11 am.

Frontal view ...I have nasty love handles and belly. I really want to loose them about 45 pounds I need to loose.

Leave me comments so I now you are looking thanks Much appreciated !!!

I will post more of my progress and what my agenda was later tonight !

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Start Today !! Loose Weight, Maintain Weight , Or Gain Weight !!!

Herbalife is the program for you .... with the QUICKSTART program as the lowest cost one you can start your way to a better you !   ONLY $150     You decide when you want to start and you can have the support by ME along the way with you ! I too take the products  myself let's do this together !

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Thank you and looking forward to helping you

Sherry Van Matre